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Elizabeth A. Lovern was the founder and operator of Designs by El. Elizabeth closed Designs by El in 2015 to become and independent web designer and social media manager. Elizabeth had over ten years of experience working as a self taugh web designer. She begun in this field when she became unhappy with the cookie-cutter Myspace backgrounds and wanted to find a way to change them. She was introduced to HTML and developed her skills through practice and educational courses. Elizabeth dedicated her time to building affordable web sites geared towards helping new businesses and organizations start their marketing journey. Elizabeth also provided guidance on social media implementation and management as she believed that social media was critical to a business's long term success. As of June 2016, Elizabeth offers her services in web design and social media management on a referral basis only. Elizabeth would like to thank everyone who was monumental in her development with Designs by El and working as an independent web designer.

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Image by Lucas Kapla

Association Management & Support Services

Image by USGS

Bull Run

Unit 2 HOA

Image by eberhard 🖐 grossgasteiger

Hidden Lakes HOA

Image by Pawel Czerwinski

Villas of Westridge HOA

Image by Jr Korpa

Observation Pointe HOA

Image by JJ Ying

Ox Bottom Crest HOA

Image by Bia Andrade

Golden Park


Image by Alexander Ant

Natural Wells


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